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Green Roofs & Green Walls

Residential & Commercial Buildings & Structures

When flying in and out of cities the first things we notice as we approach from the sky are the acres and acres of barren wastelands: empty roofs covering warehouses, factories and apartment buildings. Green roofs provide an environmentally sound alternative, with benefits including: roof life extension, adsorption of carbon dioxide, urban habitats for birds, insects and bees, reduction of the urban heat island effect, decreased costs of heating and cooling and the invaluable exposure to greenery in the urban environment which betters health and social outcomes.

Green walls provide additional green space to businesses, municipalities and residents wishing to express their environmental commitment and image. Our selection of hardy grasses, ferns and broad leafs for green walls can provide you with the right combination of plants for texture, exposure and color.

At East Richmond Nursery we specialize in providing custom plant solutions for both green roofs and walls. We work with landscape architects and installers to find the best combination of plants that are both sustainable and economically viable.

We grow custom plugs of any desired combination(s) of species, as well as mats, trays and wall units. Our commitment to serve you is number one and we always have stock on hand to meet immediate requirements.